Monday, April 13, 2020

More stash blocks

I made a few more orange stash blocks the other day. After playing around with a couple of different settings, I can see that I need to make more red and more purple for sure. Funny I don't have as many different squares cut of those colors as I must not use them as much. These were cut several years ago, so I might have to look through more current stash and cut a few more, even though the purpose was to use up the ones I had already cut.

Not sure how I will set them yet, but after making these 2, I have 24.

I also made a few more masks for my family this weekend too. 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Neon and Neutral

Neon and Neutral 

As you might have noticed, I've spent some time recently playing with lights/darks using a range of gray - black in my scrappy stash blocks. I started collecting those so that I could make this Neon and Neutral quilt.

The idea of using a varying amount of grays- black fabrics intrigued me. I made half square triangles in lighter/darker combos. Some of the medium tones were used as both a light and a dark. It's all about the contrast. I wanted to frame them in bright colors, hence the name. I was excited about the patterns that could be made using them that would still show up even though they had been framed.

Neon and Neutral jk

I made this version first and liked it but made the 2nd one with more pop colors.  This shows another design that can be made. The Neon and Neutral pattern is now available as a digital download in my Etsy store. This one still hasn't been quilted...shhhh don't tell anyone.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Scrappy yellow goodness

Fabric lettuce.
Did you start the year off with a stash challenge?
There are several stash challenges going on right now. Some of my friends are doing them and I decided to play along, but using a block I designed for the challenge. I have about a million 2.5" squares, so I colorized some of them first. (I might make some color/scrappy ones later but wanted to start with colorized blocks.  I had used some blacks and grays in a different scrappy style quilt, so I thought using them for the stars would make a nice contrast to the other colors and hopefully show up with most colors.
It might bother some quilters that the background in the star points doesn't match the rest of the block, color wise. We all like a different level of scrappy.
I found a few baggies of squares that I had used as leaders and enders, so I have a bunch of them that are already sewn into pairs and sets of 4. That is making the last few blocks quicker to sew. I think I might have more somewhere, as I was taking them with me when I went to sew with friends. Plus I know I have some other colorized blocks I made as a start to a different project and they are hiding somewhere. I know what the plastic tub looked like....
Here are a few blue blocks that I made last week.  I have about 20 blocks done so far in assorted colors.