Monday, August 4, 2008

New projects

This is the string-piecing project I have been working on. I will be teaching an upcoming class on this fun and easy quilt. The best part of string-piecing is that you use up your scraps and leftovers from other projects and there is no need to buy more fabric. Well, until you use up all those scraps and leftovers, then of course you will be dangerously low on fabric and will have to go out and buy some more!

The second quilt is the LeMoyne Star Stack n Whack Quilt. I have made others from Bethany Reynolds book, but not this one. She makes it easy to do the LeMoyne Star without the "Y" seams, which I loved. Plus it is always fun to do a Stack n Whack as there is always the surprise of what the blocks will look like. I wanted to use a background color that would blend with the background of the S & W print so that you would mostly see the design.

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