Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Weekend Saturday

The weekend is off to a great start. I went out to eat with my daughter last night, then we decided to go out to Ashland to see my sister and her family. They are camping there for the weekend. We stayed for a couple hours. It was hard to leave after sitting around the campfire for awhile, it was very nice!

Today I took some models up to the store to hang them. First I had to finish some of the paperwork I needed to do including writing & printing supply lists & new flyers. Then I gathered my models and some fabrics I wanted to match & left. I was there for a long time, and I'm not sure why it took so long. It always takes longer than I think it should. Anyway I was there about 3 hours just hanging stuff and talking to a few shoppers. I think it looks nice. These pix show the Starburst Quilt and the T-Shirt Quilt, which are upcoming classes at the store. These are part of the display I hung today.

Before I left I chose a fabric for the background of my tessellations quilt. I am going to use some of my Asian prints that I have been collecting to make it. That is the plan anyway. We'll see.

Tomorrow I hope to get a quilt loaded & quilted. Wish me luck!

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