Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok, maybe Monday is a day of rest instead....

I started out the day helping a fellow Library Clerk at another school who is new with a few things at her school. Then I went with friend to a quilt shop to look at fabrics. I came home planning on quilting, but my daughter called and was swimming, so I went there instead. It was fun.

I had class last night with my ladies from the beginning.....of me teaching classes, that is. They are working on Sampler #8, Stitching for Hours, which is on this page. One of them brought her granddaughter and daughter who are visiting from Belgium. Her husband is in the service there. So we played with the baby too. What fun!!! She liked quilting, and I am sure will be a natural when she gets a little older.
It is actually Tuesday, so I had better get busy and do something....my last day before I go back to school.

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Heather said...

Wow, Jean, you have really been on a roll! Both quilting AND blogging! lol Loved seeing pics of all your latest projects (and by the way, that red, black and gray quilt is to DIE for!).

I think just reading your posts has inspired me to get blogging again, so thanks, I needed that! ;o) Keep up the great work!