Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday is not a day of rest...

I worked yesterday, but it was just UFO Day so everyone brought stuff to finish. I extended the time to 4 hours, and there were 9 people signed up!!! that is the most ever, we almost didn't have room. One person ended up not coming. We missed her, but it worked out ok. The ladies had fun sewing and the 4 hours went by quickly. I am having another on Sat. Aug. 23, since I don't have any Sat. classes until Sept. We all need time to finish projects.

After work I went with Denise and her grandson, Marcus (5) to a quilt shop. He was looking at the cool kids' fabrics, so i said I would make him a pillowcase. (Innocent me thought that would give him something to shop for since fabric might not be that exciting to him.) Pretty soon he found too many he liked, so he asked me if I would make him a blanket too? Who can resist???? So I just got 2 fabrics he liked for that, and 2 different fabrics for the pillowcase. I made the case when we got back, so he could take it home, and quilted the fabric today. It is flames on one side and cars on the other. I used a scroll pattern for the quilting, as I thought that looked as close to flames as I could get. I cut out the binding, but then I had car fabric left so made him a bag to go with it. I just sort of made it up as I went along, so it has pockets and a drawstring to hold it shut. I will post a pic of it later. I still need to put the binding on the quilt, but it will have to wait a bit. That must be the easiest quilt I have ever made!

Tonight we are going to go to my daughter, Rachel's for a cookout and for her dad to help her put her new mower together.

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