Monday, September 1, 2008

End of a long weekend & a great day of sewing

It has been a good weekend, though I 'm not sure I'm ready to go back to work. Yesterday I started quilting a quilt, which I finished today. Then Jo came over to sew..... she sewed on binding while I cut out pieces for a tessellation quilt. We got plenty of chatting in too!

I had a great day of quliting today. Denise came over about 12:30 and we pretty much sewed all day. She brought a casserole for supper, so we didn't have to do anything but throw it in the oven, put some corn on to boil and cut up some veggies.
She is working on a double wedding ring quilt. As you can see, she was very happy to get her 4th ring finished today and started her 5th. I worked on the tessellation quilt that I want to do for a class. It is an easy quilt-- I finished 16 blocks today. I have 8 more blocks that are partially done, so won't take long. I would like to try this block fading into one another, and may try it if time allows. I think that would be really pretty & interesting, but harder to put together.

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