Monday, September 29, 2008

Great garage sale

A friend told me about a garage sale on Saturday that had fabrics, blocks and patterns, so thought I should go. I had class so ended up going early while they were still setting up. They gladly showed me to the fabrics and I set to business sorting through the piles and boxes. I came across several finished quilt tops, which I showed one of the ladies. She told me they were putting their mom in a care facility, so had to get rid of a lot of stuff. So we talked while I sorted. I found many finished blocks, which she told me her mom liked to make and them later put them together into row quilts. So there were many sets of scrappy blocks. I just kept making piles as I sorted through it all. I eventually found a few fabrics I wanted and about 40 old magazines....yes I am a quilt mag junkie, we all know that! Towards the end as I was rooting through the last box I came across a bunch of pieces and parts to a scrappy Double Wedding Ring quilt. So I piled pieces up and kept sorting. I eventually had a bag full of pieces, so decided I had better get them.

There was one of these..

and two of these.....

I had a lot of fun sorting through all the pieces. I also got the template for the center pieces, though didn't find the one for the oval. I figure I can make a template with one of the ones I have. I realized after I sorted through all the pieces that I left part of it there. There were a bunch of squares sewn together, which I thought went to a different quilt. But now I know better. After I looked closely at the biggest chunk I see I needed those too. But they shouldn't be that hard to make either. This is if in fact I actually do finish it.

There are some of these....

and this.....

and lots of well as some small twosies sewn together.

And this is the greatest part.....3 completed rings. See those squares at the corners where the ovals come together? I left lots of those.

Ahhhhh....isn't it great? Don't know if I will ever put it all together or not, but it will be fun to try.

The daughter of the quilting lady told me she had found some other quilt tops, so she was going to get one ready to quilt and take it when she visited her mom, then they could work on it together. It was fun talking to her and finding out a little about the quilter behind the blocks.

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