Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday's a slow news day but I'm reading a good book!

I am reading a really good book right now. It is titled Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock. It is an interesting book that at the onset seems to be a story of 2 sisters who have lost their father. They are poor, good friends and playmates who always manage to find something to do. The story is told from a child's perspective by 8 year old Carrie. As the story unfolds you realize there is some sexual abuse going on with Emma (age 6) and her stepfather. Though Carrie doesn't really understand what is going on, she knows that it is bad for Emma. He also locks them in their attic room for hours on end. So the girls come up with a plan to run away. That of course doesn't go as well as they had hoped and Carrie is thinking it might be a good idea to go home. But Emma is determined so they plug on. This is where I fell asleep last night!

This is my second week in a row with only one evening class...I could get used to this! I did have a chance to start looking through those old quilt magazines that I got at the garage sale last week. The oldest one is from 1993, so not really that ancient. It is interesting how the graphics have changed over the years, though. The one magazine I was looking through had a lot of templates being used when it could've been strip pieced.

Ok, I confess...I am a quilt magazine junkie!

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