Saturday, October 18, 2008

State Marching Band contest was GREAT!

The weather was perfect, and the band was awesome. They did a great job and my nephew played about half a dozen percussion instruments on the sidelines, with a small solo on drums. I really do love marching band season.


Julianne said...

Our kids went to a small small that when daughter was in marching band...I think they had 5 in the marching band. LOL Daughter carried the base drum in one parade, The drum was bigger than her. She was so bruised from the harness (cheast) that I said no more parade's carring the base drum. She could play other insterments but she wanted to carry that drum.

I am glad you enjoyed your day.

Christina said...

What a beautiful day for it. I loved going to outside things like that for my kids, (soccer and football) there so relaxing with nothing else to think about but what is going on on the field.