Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New truck

This isn't a very quilty post, but my husband is a happy man tonight. He had a little fire (is there any such thing as a little fire?) under the hood of his '93 Corsica the other day so has been car/truck shopping. Tonight we found the truck of his dreams so it is sitting outside in our driveway. He is funny to shop with as he knows just what he wants: Chevy truck, newer, not 4x4 and when the salesmen(snake oil types) try to entice him with Fords or Dodges he won't be budged. (He thinks they are junk! Please don't be offended if you love is only his opinion!) So he just stands firm and they take notes. lol


maggi said...

Well done your husband. I love to see the 'oilies' struggle with people like him - they just don't know what to say next.

Willeke said...

where is the picture of the new car? I wish you DH, lots of fun with it!