Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day doings....

I started and finished this baby quilt last is very easy. It is for my daughter's friend, who is due in January. I am going to quilt it Saturday. I like the modern look of it & all the dots and circles. Now how should I quilt it? Wish I had a panto with circles, I am afraid to wing it.

I went up to Earling today for the annual New Years Day fish feed my sister puts on. Every year she brings us halibut from B.C. and cooks it on New Years Day. It was so good...she also made foccacia bread and other goodies. She will be leaving Saturday morning, so will be coming to Council Bluffs tomorrow night (the airport is across the river in Omaha NE). Whoever can comes down and we all go out to eat, so there will be about 18 - 20 of us I think. It is hard to believe her 2 weeks here is almost up, but we have been lucky to have good weather and lots of family gatherings while she was here.

Tomorrow I am going quilt shop hopping with friends...should be fun!


Fiesta said...

Jean love that quilt!
wish I had the energy to make one so fast and as lovely.
Great job!

Julianne said...

Great quilt. If you want a pant with can make your own. You can go to your newspaper printer and they usually have end rolls of newsprint cheap. If you cant find that you can buy freezer paper on the roll but it costs more. Fax paper? You get the idea..

Just draw out something you like. You can connect the circles together some how or not. Depemds on how many starts and stops you want to do. I would use anything round and in different sizes to draw around.

Treasa said...

Your quilt turned out so pretty. I love the color combo. And you are so day. I am sure your daughters friend will love it.