Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Quilt Day

Is everyone celebrating National Quilt Day? I taught a class this morning, then came home and cut out a gift for my daughter's birthday. I got a nice package of blacks and whites in the mail from an online friend who didn't want them any more. I especially love the b & w daisies.


Heather said...

Nothing better than getting fabric in the mail. Those are beautiful!

I had to push myself today, but yes, I did celebrate National Quilt Day. Good thing Linda reminded me! I tend to forget about these things... lol

Fiesta said...

well since it is quilt day I think I will work in my sewing room for awhile.
I love your B&W fabrics.

Stephanie D. said...

Our quilt guild always celebrates it a week early--not sure why--but we had a quilt show at the local mall last Saturday for Quilt Day. I didn't get to go, but heard it was terrific!

Willeke said...

Is there really a National Quilt day in the USA? Amazing!