Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quilt label and garden globes

Here is the label I put on Laney's quilt. I made it on my computer and printed onto the photo fabric. I took it over and gave it to her yesterday. Her mom loved it and I think she will too when she is a little bigger. I forgot to take a picture of her and the quilt, though, so am upset with myself about that. I am going to call her mom (my niece) later and see if she will take a pic for me.
I was so excited to find these garden globes the other day...I have been looking for them since I got back last year from visiting my sister in Canada. I can't get a good pic at night, though. Here they are when I used the flash last night. (the clover really popped up after the rain!)
Here they are without the flash. They really are pretty and flash different colors.

I want to finish the Sampler Quilt top today. I have the blocks together, just need to sash between and around, and add the borders.


Cornfield Quilter said...

Your label is so cute and the globes are really cool. How fun! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment this evening. I am having fun with my Hexagons now. It is at least taking some shape. :D

Willeke said...

Does the globes work on electricity? They look very artistic. Wauw, nice!
Your label is lovely too.

Fiesta said...

Love the label Jean. Interesting globes. Do they hold water?

Margarita said...

Wow i love those globes, i want some!!! I have never seen them in Australia, where did you find them?