Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday sewing...

I am having a hard time focusing lately as I have too many things I want to make and not sure what to start first. Plus I have been tired all week, so feel like I haven't gotten as much done as I want. I haven't gotten back to the bargello and need to finish that too. Plus I have ideas for other quilts and want to start them.

I had the day off from school Friday so planned on sewing all day, but a friend was going to Plattsmouth to the quilt store...and ... well...I couldn't really let her go alone, now could I? That would be unfriendlike. So we went there, then went to 2 more quilt shops. Had a good time as Cindy and I haven't gone shop hopping for awhile. And I managed to find some fabrics I really NEEDED.

I did get the chair cover started for my desk chair. The seat is made and the back is quilted, just need to sew it together. It will be trickier to make to fit, as I can't actually recover the back like I did last time. It is a plastic chair and won't come apart so will have to make a back cover also. I hope it looks ok, though if I don't want to take it to school I guess I can cover something here. I have many odd chairs here and several desk chairs.

I had 2 classes yesterday. The T-shirt quilt class went well, they got a good start on it and hopefully all will be ready to put them together next week.After that I had a UFO class. Those are always busy with ladies trying to finish something they started earlier in class. It is also fun for me as I can see how they have progressed.

Better go get busy, hopefully will have some pix later.


Exuberant Color said...

I hope you find your energy this weekend. Sometimes I think the tired weeks are just recharging our batteries so we can go full speed again.

JustCindy said...

You are a good friend going shopping with Cindy. Just think how much money she saved by you going with her because she saved some fabric for you to purchase. ;)

Fiesta said...

I know exactly how you feel when you want to start something new.
2 more weeks before spring break. yay!

Barb said...

Well......I am find out what you purchased at the storel

Vivian said...

Me too. It's so frustrating to have projects galore that I think about doing, but I'm so overwhelmed, trying to decide where to start -- and I do nothing. Gray, foggy, dirty snow weather holds me back too, Bring on the spring!

How fun to go shop hopping with a friend! That's a great way to re-energize yourself.