Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday and Pets on Quilts


I have entered the Pets on Quilts contest hosted by SewCalGal. I think I have many qualifications for winning this contest because I can't keep my pets OFF my quilts. It is hard to decide on which picture to enter, so I entered this post from Aug.10. I hope this  picture counts for the contest, since I am working on the quilt, but some of my best cat pictures are with quilts in progress. Plus she is just so happy in these pictures! (I did finish the quilt last week too.)
I have posted the link to the right, so feel free to go vote for your favorite pet on quilt photo. Mine is Jean's Page, #50 on the list.

I have been working on class paperwork today and finished sewing a tabletopper for an upcoming class. Am heading up to quilt it now. It's back to school for me tomorrow. sigh....


Barb said...

Just love it!!!

The Quilting Pirate said...

I agree! You should WIN! Most of your quilty pics have kitties in them :)