Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fabulous day with friends at the AQS show

We had so much fun yesterday, I don't know where to begin.
This was our view as we entered the arena. Our feet were still happy and our wallets full.
I really want to try one of these photo type quilts sometime. (As we walked through the show, we all said this over and over as we saw different types of quilts.) The depth and realistic qualities of this one boggled the mind.
In this quilt, you were focused on the eagle. The artist did some painstaking work making the eagle and the nest a 3D part of the quilt.

The quilting around the eagle and throughout the quilt was interesting too.
Denise is getting a close up look at the quilting on this beauty, which won this quilter a blue ribbon. Seriously, humans actually do this work?
Another beautiful and interesting use of colors, and quilting. Love how the waves are quilted in. The vision and imagination that goes into making these quilts is mind-boggling.
We found this Eleanor paddle in the Quilt in a Day booth. Not sure what you might use this for, maybe at an auction? Or just for fun photo ops?
We turned around and there was the real queen of quilting, Eleanor Burns,  signing books and chatting with people. She graciously let me take a picture.
This quilt was impressive also...that's Rose examining it. I didn't notice this yesterday, but after seeing the picture, I think the pattern for this quilt, or at least the center, was in a magazine last year. I remember the curvy flying geese ribbon.  It also won a ribbon. Ribbon or no ribbon, each quilt was glorious in it's own way.

Here we are...with tired feet, full bags and lots of inspiration for future quilting projects...ready to hit the road back home. What a great day!
I will post more pics later and take some pictures of my purchases.


Selvage Quilter said...

It looks like you had such a blast! Thanks for all the photos.

Stephanie said...

You made us wish we were there! Have fun and share more pics. Steph

~Niki~ said...

what a fun time! love the quilts. glad i found you!

farmersdotter said...

It was a great day...glad I got to see all of you!

Vivian said...

One of these years I'll get to the DM show. It looks like a great time! Thanks for the glimpse into the event.

Chris H said...

Those quilts are amazing, so glad you had an awesome day.