Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A mystery unveiled.......

 Well, sort of...part of it, that is. This is the back of the Twisterweave Mystery quilt. My version of this quilt is throw size, so didn't take too long to quilt. I have written the pattern so that twin and queen size can be made as well.
 A close-up of the large floral.
I really like how this panto blends in with and enhances the floral print on the back and border. Now to get it bound. Soon.
Sorry, not ready to let you see the mystery have to wait for the class!
 I sewed the pieced diamonds that I cut out on Saturday together. These are fun to make....can't wait to get some more cut out.
I spent sort of a lazy evening tonight....mostly watching tv.

Taking pictures at night isn't a good idea at my house.


Diana Symanowicz said...

That diamond mix is totally cool. You are so awesome mixing things up a bit. Love the backing. I'm really into oranges!

Karen said...

Love your orange backing. I know what you mean about pictures at night in your house, but your's did come out very well.

Micki said...

It is just wonderful and so stunning!

Vivian said...

Love the panto, the large floral fabric is wonderful, your backing is striking, and the diamonds are drop-dead gorgeous.
This post just oozes cool! Great job on all, Jean.