Saturday, September 17, 2011

Still on a bender!

 I like to make some of the blocks tilt to the left and some tilt to the right. (see previous post) The blocks don't have to be exactly the same. If some tilt more than others, it will just add to the charm.
 You do need to be careful to leave at least 1/2" between the seam and the border for seam allowance at the narrow end. Otherwise you may not have any border left! This one is going to be close!
You can see how they will look as they come together. These won't tilt a lot because I used a small border. If you want them to tilt more, just add a wider border and you will have more room to "tilt".

I am teaching the St. Marks Quilt today...should be a great day and I should have some great pix to share!

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