Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swap day!

 A friend decided she wanted to make a scrappy Windmill Quilt, so she convinced 9 of us to join her in a swap! We each made 20 blocks, so we would each end up with 20. These are the ones I made. This block is also called the Double Pinwheel can see the white pinwheels show up where the background comes together as you put the blocks together.
 We wanted everyone to have a set that would be 20 different blocks, so you could make 2 sets of 10 the same if you wanted to, since you were giving everyone 2 blocks. The result was a lot of gorgeous blocks! Most of us made ours using fabrics left from other projects.
 We met yesterday to swap them and took turns passing our own out to each other. This gave us a chance to see what each person had made!
 Diana has been talking about barn blocks, so Jane made her a special Windmill with a barn in the center!
 It was fun, because everyone was in anticipation to see what each person would give them! Our rule for color was that they should have a white background and bright colors used.
 The great thing was that everyone finished them on time! One lady was out of town, so couldn't come for the swap.
 After we swapped, those that could stay started working on layouts for their blocks. You can see Diana's special block in the center of this layout.
 We had a great time. Dianne is sashing hers, but I didn't get a pic of the progress she or anyone else made yesterday, but I will when they bring them back!
What's really fun is that all the quilts will be unique, since we used so many different fabric choices!
 Several people are going to put their blocks on point, so we figured out what they would need for setting triangles.
 Betty made extra, so had to choose which ones to take out for this setting...that was hard too!
Kim got her blocks sewn into rows, and was going to go home and look through her stash to see if she had something she could use for the setting triangles.

I didn't get any pix of the blocks I received, but did start working on them. I will take some pictures later and show you my progress as I get them made into a quilt.

I hope to get back to my Red Letter Quiltalong blocks this week, though I do have classes Monday and Tuesday night. I also want to work on quilting something....doesn't really matter at this point what....I have a long list of quilts waiting.

Happy Sunday!

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