Sunday, October 16, 2011

Twister revelations

 Yesterday was the second sessions of two classes, the Twister Quilt and the T-shirt Quilt. Both groups had made great progress since last week.

It is exciting to see the Twister Quilt go from plain squares to pinwheels! Jane used fall colors...
she also made 2 other smaller Twister quilts in between last week and this week....I'll post those pix tomorrow!
This is definitely a great stashbuster quilt!
 Laura used lots from her stash!
 Betty couldn't wait to get started cutting hers, so had it partially done when she came!
This will make a pretty Christmas quilt.
 Eileen used colorful!
It's magic!
 Tammy's is pretty in pink and black!
We talked about all the variations of this quilt you could make...alternating 2 colors, or 2 colorways, like Tammy did. 
 Dianne is doing Christmas too. Check out the candles in her both pix.

Trouble with seeing all of these pretty quilts in all of these different colorways is that it just makes you want to make another one! We used the Twister Ruler for these quilts.

I will post the pix from the T-shirt Quilt class tomorrow, as well as some show and tell that some of the students brought. I hope to get some quilting done today. Still haven't made a decision on the last row of the Letter quilt, so might have to buck up and decide! 


Quilter Kathy said...

Wow! They are great! It was really cool to see the start and then how it will look with the pinwheels!

Exuberant Color said...

It is amazing to see the difference with the value placement. I'm glad you showed both pix, before and after.

Barb said...

Love them all but that pink and black one is just awesome. I had the small twister ruler but no more....thanks for the show.

Deb said...

Jean--those are SO cool! Will you be teaching another class? I REALLY want to make one!


Karen said...

Really love the way they all came out! I'm going to go buy the ruler now!