Monday, January 2, 2012

Back in the swing of things...

 I have been doing a lot of fun things during my winter break from school....quilt shop hopping, family get-togethers, teaching class, sewing with friends and planning our next quilt retreat.  I have also been working on getting the Tumbling Blocks quilt cut out. I am using the book ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks and More by Marci Baker. I have wanted to make this quilt for a long time. She has figured out a way to make tumbling blocks without set in seams. Her pattern calls for 7 ( I used 9) combinations of light, medium and dark fabrics, which you strip piece,  then cut them (which seemed to take a long time, though I didn't do it all at once) into 1/2 hexagons. I am really excited to start sewing this one together, hopefully tomorrow (I am sewing with friends).
It will probably take awhile to figure out the layout. I didn't think I wanted rows, so I was just going to do a random type placement, but I have been playing with them as I cut them and I think I will do something similiar to this. I need to get them on a design wall....and play! 
 Conrad is growing like crazy...he is getting big and loves to instigate wrestling matches with Smokey....he is a bit naughty!
A box in a sunny window is just the perfect place to curl up and nap, isn't it?

I also worked on my letter sign, but haven't taken the pictures of it. I got the letters all finished, now to get it together. I will take some pix and post later about it....there is a pretty good chance you will figure out what it says now.

I am off until Thursday...


Chris H said...

Crickey those blocks are hard on the eyes!
I am sure the finished product will look stunning though, the colours are just lovely.

Toni said...

Great looking cube layout- - are you going to teach this? I have this book and plan to teach this method as well - my students keep asking for it.

Love the kitties pictures, they seem purrfectly happy! :)

Enjoy your days off!

Karen said...

Love the tumbling blocks. The colors are amazing! You have such an eye for color.

Julianne said...

I love the tumbling blocks and your helpers. LOL