Sunday, March 11, 2012

The round robins go home!

All but one.....Debbie's is still being completed, but I will get a picture when she gets it.
 Here is Rose with her purple and teal beauty....she loved it.
 Cindy and her Christmas Spirit!
 Jo's wiggly worms...I loved how everyone brought out the wiggliness of her original block.
Here is mine. It is almost finished. She has been sick and didn't get the last 2 borders on. She said they would have more flying geese. I can't wait to get it back and finish it.

We all agreed that this was definitely a challenge, figuring out what to do and how to fit it all together. Our challenge for next time is to finish them....quilting, binding, whatever we are going to do to finish them. Then we will have to figure out what to do next!


Karen said...

What fun! They all turned out so nice! And you have a gift from and to each of your friends.

Fiesta said...

They look fabulous!!