Saturday, June 2, 2012

Almost finished!

 I worked on mom's star blocks again yesterday, and only have 4 left to finish. It won't take long, as the last seams are pinned and ready to go.  You might remember that I had enough middles for 20 blocks, but when I started putting them together, I only had enough flying geese for 13. There were enough rectangles and squares cut for 3 more blocks, so I found another red in my stash and made 3 more sets of flying geese out of it. That's all I can make with what I have.

When we originally cut it, we were using a fat quarter pack of fabrics so we cut what we could get from the fabrics we had.  They are 8" blocks, so she can get a nice throw out of them. These fabrics were  from a Lewis and Clark collection. I made my Lone Star quilt out of the same fabrics.

I worked in the garden and flower beds for awhile yesterday, too. I had a rose bush that got hit by weed killer last year, and was going rogue! So I trimmed it back all the way and hopefully it will come back ok.

Smokey must've worked hard too!


Karen said...

Love your mom's quilt. It was a beautiful day to work in the garden, nice and cool.

JustCindy said...

The Star quilt is going to be beautiful!

Susan said...

Your mom's quilt is really coming along nicely! (Smokey looks like how I feel today! LOL)

Lori R said...

All the best quilt blogs feature cats! (Oh, the guilt top is looking good too).