Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilt Show

We had a busy weekend getting ready for and holding the Bluffs Art Council sponsored Quilt Show. Here is a very large yoyo quilt. We used it on the bed turning.
 We had a full house for the panel discussion With Riki Saltzman.

 We don't have official quilt hangers, so used chairs on tables to display the quilts, as well as quilt stands.
 Lots of people enjoyed looking at all the quilts.
 Here is my Lone Star Quilt, displayed on a table. We stacked the bed turning quilts on top of it during the show.
The bed turning bed, ready to go. Everyone loved that part of the show.
Here is one antique quilt in the bed turning using the Winding Ways block.
We had a great time and the audience seemed to enjoy it. I will post more pix later in the week.

I'm off to quilt with friends today. Should be fun! 


Lori R said...

Loved the pictures of your quilt show. Not the first time I've seen quilts draped carefully on chairs on tables! I'm originally from Iowa and wish I could get back more often.

Barb said...

Will look forward to more pictures, hope you had a nice time quilting with your friend.

Julianne said...

Looks like a great show...