Monday, July 16, 2012

Cathedral Windows

I have loved this block for years and am really happy to finally be working on a project using it. I want to teach a class making this version of the cathedral windows block, so I am making pillows. That way my students can try out this method without committing to a whole quilt. If they love making it, they can always make a larger runner or quilt.  I cut out the squares to make a different version and started sewing them together yesterday. Hopefully I will make more progress on it today.

Are you sewing today?


Julianne said...

I do love that block, but have never made one.

Fiesta said...

Looks fabulous Jean!

Karen said...

I've been thinking about this too. Love how yours is coming along. Keep us posted about your class.

Chris H said...

This was the first block I was taught to make in my sewing class 4 years ago... and our 'homework' for the week was to make one more to show at our next lesson in 7 days.

I made ... 82 !!! (OMG so much hand sewing!)

And then I put sashings around every block, joined them all together and made a king size quilt!
Not quite how they are supposed to be joined together, but it looks gorgeous!!!

I got it professionally quilted too... and the lady quilting it said she had NEVER seen those blocks joined like I did them... but she thought it was awesome! lol

And NO.. I have not been sewing today... instead I was on my computer looking at all the photos of my BRAND NEW Grandson who was born today!

Oh and I got a BRAND NEW Granddaughter 6 days ago too!