Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cutting, lots of cutting.....

 I decided to take a break from sewing yesterday and cut up this box of pieces. I have used these fabrics in several quilts, and most of them didn't have enough usable fabric left to do much with.
 Sometimes I cut leftovers into strips for stringpiecing, but this time I decided to cut them into squares.
 These pieces were left from cutting diamonds last year. I also found a bunch of strips that I sewed together using leftover bits and pieces from cutting diamonds. I forgot to take a pic, but there are enough strips to make a small quilt. That's a project for another day.
 Here are the stacks of squares with the box of fabrics that are left. (aren't they so cute in piles?) Does this look like a day's work?  I spent last evening sorting them into color groups. Some of them are hard to sort, as they have so many different colors in them once cut up.
Small pile for the stringpiecing box.

I have lots of pieces of batiks as well, and will sort through those next. I have a project I want to make using batiks so I need to see what I have that's big enough to use. The rest will get cut up.

I want to load a quilt on the quilting machine this morning, since it's a little cooler. It's supposed to be cooler all week.  Then I want to get back to sewing the Hollow Cubes Too quilt. Maybe I will get those rows sewn together!


Julianne said...

Wow that is a lot of cuting. I need to do this myself.

Sharon said...

That looks like a FUN day of work! Looks great - you're all ready when inspiration or need hits. I need to take some time and do this too. I'm behind in my clean up chores.