Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kid's Camp finish and the footstool...

 The girls got  finished in the nick of time and were so happy to have made a quilt! Teaching kids is a lot more strenuous than teaching adults, but it was fun. They were really getting the hang of sewing straighter seams and I think these young ladies will be looking for their next project!
 I painted the footstool legs a deep brown. I like it much better.
They still look like tree trunks, but at least they don't show up as much.

I haven't done any sewing the past few days, so hope to get back at it today. It's supposed to be very warm again, so a good day to stay inside! I have watered everything so I'm ready to sew!


Exuberant Color said...

Good job girls! The seams look pretty straight from here!

Yes the legs are much better in a dark color.

JustCindy said...

YAY for the girls! Their quilts are so cute. Love the footstool.

Chris H said...

What lovely quilts the girls have made.
It always amazes me how a group of people can be given the same 'pattern/blocks' for a quilt, yet once they are all finished they are all so different due to fabric/colour choice.
That is so cool.

You wee stool is gorgeous!

Vivian said...

Justified big smiles on these young quilters' faces. The seams definitely look straight and true to me. What a great accomplishment for each of them.
Love the little stool, and I agree--I prefer it with the dark legs. It just "grounds" your creation--gives it a solid-looking base. (I heard that term on some HGTV show; hopefully I used it correctly)