Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More retreat pix

 As I look through the pix I took, I realize we got lots accomplished! Not that I doubted it, but you really see it when you  look at the quilts. Above is Cindy's disappearing nine patch. Such playful fabrics.
 Rose worked on a twister flag. Love twister quilts!
Rose also finished her version of the Spiraling Out Sampler. She was worried about the alternate block colors, but we thought it was awesome!

 Here it is all finished. Pat also worked on her purple Twister....
 Also finished!
 Dianne liked Cindy's disappearing nine patch so much, she started one of her own!
 Kim worked on this cute snowman out of some of the fabrics in her new shop. Tell her hi and "like" her facebook page. They will have online shopping eventually as well.
 Cindy started a kitty Turning Twenty on the last day. The fabrics are so pretty!
 She also made a Twister, but I forgot to take a before picture.
 Dianne was having trouble getting her butterflies to fly right, but they turned out pretty too. Our seventh friend came Friday afternoon, and I didn't get very good pix of her.
She is admiring Dianne's quilt here, lovely ponytail. Below she is hiding behind her hand....she really isn't all that bashful! I have another picture of her with the quilt she worked on, but I can't post it as it is a gift. 
 I worked on a new version of the Circle and Spin too. I didn't have the border fabric yet, so couldn't finish the top...but I got it yesterday and finished it so I will post pix tomorrow.
I made these cute potholders that I had cut out another day out of fabric leftovers. 
 This is another beautiful snowman quilt that Kim made. It is much prettier in person, soft blues and browns.

 We stopped at a cute gift/fabric shop in Atlantic, Something for You,  and I had to have this fabric! Since I didn't know what I would use it for, I just got enough to make a pillow case. I will get to enjoy it more that way than waiting for a project to use it in. So I made it... just to make sure I got it finished! I also got a book that intrigued me.
I started a new Sampler quilt on the retreat, not ready to post pictures of that yet.

Yesterday I went to the store and hung some models, then finished the Circle and Spin quilt. I have lots planned for today, as I have more paperwork to get ready so that I can post more fall classes. Plus I still have 2 patterns to write...they don't just write themselves, unfortunately. And let's not forget the Twister quilt...it's still up there on the quilting machine waiting for me to finish it. Guess I'd better go get busy!

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Nancy said...

Wow, great quilts. The twister flag is striking. Nice job, everyone.