Friday, August 10, 2012

Mr. Snoopy Conrad

Whenever I print, Conrad comes from wherever he is and watches the paper print out. Sometimes he stands on the table next to the printer and peers in, waiting for the paper to start coming out. The other night he jumped up on top. I have that shelf there because Smokey always likes sitting on the printer while I work on the computer. She doesn't really pay attention to the printing, but she is 10so has probably gotten used to it.

Plus now she has her other favorite spot....
which I don't like, and sometimes just pick her up and move her, but she keeps trying.

I spent yesterday taking Mom and Dad to Harlan for Mom's chemo appt. Dad and I did some shopping, as there isn't room to stay and keep her company during the treatment.

I have more class prep work to do today, but might be be able to make it to the quilting room today to finish that Twister quilt. It's a beautiful morning here so a great day to be outside as well.

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Julianne said...

That is way to funny. I wonder what he is thinking? LOL Cute!!!