Monday, August 13, 2012

Quilted Peas in a Pod

 It's always great to take another quilted finish off the machine. After a rocky start yesterday, I got the newest version of the Peas in a Pod quilt quilted. I broke a needle close to the end of the first row. Not sure why, there was nothing to hit, so guess it was just weak. I put in a new needle and finished quilting the row, but there were skipped stitches....very large ones. So I unsewed, and requilted again....better but still some skipped stitches. I adjusted the needle and tried again after unsewing AGAIN....still a problem. So I unsewed, adjusted the needle, lowered the back bar a little, took a break and tried again and it sewed perfectly. Whew! I hate when that happens. I was afraid I was going to wear out the fabric requilting!
 I used the same panto as I did on the Twister quilt.
 I used white on the back, which I don't usually do, and the thread is Signature Victorian. It's a nice variegated thread, not as bright and colorful as the Tyedye, so perfect for this quilt.
I plan on binding it later today. I will be teaching a class on this quilt at Cut Up and Quilt in November.

Today is the last day to sign up to win a free copy of the My Memories software on Gene's blog. I have this software, and it is a fun and easy way to make scrapbooks and other items with your digital pictures. It's very user friendly. Run and sign up while there is still time!

I go back to school tomorrow, so today is my last day off for the summer break. I think I should just sit and do nothing today so that the time goes very slowly! I do have a sampler club tonight. They are always fun classes.


Sharon said...

Both this quilt and the Twister quilt look great! The quilting looks good with these linear piecing patterns.

Enjoy your last day of summer. I'd do nothing too!

Fiesta said...

Your quilting is always outstanding Jean.

Quilter Kathy said...

Looks great! It's so odd how a machine just starts acting up and then for no apparent reason just smarts up again!

Karen said...

Glad your machine decided to let you finish the quilt! Looks wonderful.