Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Birthday shirts & celebrations

 Two of my sisters and my brother were all born in November, five years apart, but birthdays ending up within one week. Five years ago, when they were 45, 50 & 55, they decided to celebrate their birthdays by going to Vegas and many of us went with them. This year, two out of the three hit big "0" birthdays, so we had to celebrate. I made special shirts for them to wear at their parties.

My sister Nancy just arrived from British Columbia for an extended holiday vacation, so we surprised her at a local restaurant last Tuesday. She was surprised and here is modeling what we gave her to wear.

Sharon is my youngest sister and her daughter planned a surprise party for her in Earling on Saturday night. With many family members in town for the holiday and lots of friends, we had a great time. Here she is dressed in her finery.

Our family likes to do birthdays up in style!
 I have four sisters and one brother...he hadn't arrived when we took this picture. Several people took this pic, so I hope I can get a better copy from someone else. This one turned out a bit blurry.
I am teaching  Sampler Club classes tonight and Wednesday night. It's fun to see the finished blocks each time!


Needled Mom said...

How fun!!! That poor only boy with all those mothers when he was younger. Happy birthday to all.

Karen said...

The Birthday shirts are a great idea! What a fun time.