Friday, December 28, 2012

Always sewing....

 I was really excited to start the Lotus quilt last weekend. I had gotten the pattern as soon as my local shop got it in and picked out some gorgeous black, gray, red, and gold batiks to use.
The blocks aren't that hard to make, but they are on the bias because of the cutting process, so you just have to be careful not to stretch as you sew.

It's such a fun and different design. I got the quilt sewn together today, and need to trim it up straight now. I will take some more pix when that is finished.

I finished sewing the blocks for my daughter's Circle and Spin the other day, so took advantage of the large design wall at the store Wednesday while I was there sewing with friends.
I forgot to take pictures then,  but here is one while it was hanging out on my kitchen design wall.
I finished sewing the blocks together, and now need to shop for borders. Yes, you heard it right....I need more fabric!

I am sewing with a friend today, so have my bag all ready to go! I was supposed to sew with my sisters and mom yesterday, but we had a snowstorm come through and I didn't want to chance the drive up there. We have rescheduled it for Sunday. My two sisters that really don't sew will be working on their quilts (which I have renamed the five year quilts....and I am being optimistic about that I think, since they are both on year three at this point!). Another sister is working on a Twister quilt and Mom is putting her jelly roll blocks together. Should be a great day....barring any snow, that is!

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Needled Mom said...

The Lotus looks wonderful, but I love the circle and spin.