Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday it is!

When I went to sew the two sections of the braided tablerunner together, I had several fabrics too close to a matching fabric. I sewed these together randomly because I didn't want it too look planned. So I added about 6" of braid to one of them so that I could offset the matching fabrics. I need to get some fabric for the borders and Tasty will be done!

Then I worked on the hexie project that I started the other night and finished it. It is a Christmas present, so I don't want to post pix of it yet.

Today is the last day the library will be open before we move. On Monday, the students have to return all books and I start putting them away and packing. I am much more excited to pack this time than I was when we moved to our temporary location! Seeing the pictures of the new space really helps!


Needled Mom said...

Have fun packing.

Susan said...

Love the braided runner...very pretty!

Good luck with the packing!

Karen said...

How exciting to be back "home" with the space all new and exciting. Enjoy. Your table runner is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the big "Ta Da".