Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lots of circle pillows

When I saw the seating area in front of the big window in the new library, I knew I had to make some pillows to put along the top row, next to the windows. I started thinking about using the Circle and Spin pattern, since there are circles and stripes in the carpet and furniture. I wanted to use some of the colors already there as well. I remembered a grouping I bought while on a retreat a year or two ago. I had no special plan in mind at the time, just loved the main fabric, so I got a few others that matched. I took them to school one day last week while I was working there and decided they looked good with the color scheme. So I took five of them and made Circle and Spin rectangles...I only had 1/2 yd. of those, so had to make them a size I could cut from 1/2 yds, even though I knew I wanted to make them pillows larger.
 This circle/square fabric is the one that I fell in love gorgeous! I had 2 yds. of this and 1 yd. of a stripe, so I knew I didn't have enough to make the amount of pillows it would take to cover this large area.

  I went shopping at a local store and found the fabric below, which is from the same line. I bought 3 yds. of this, as I knew that I could stretch the other fabrics if I used this on the backs of the pillows. I had plans to sew with a friend yesterday, so took it all with me to work on.
I needed a border around each Circle and Spin panel, as I wanted them to fit a standard bed pillow, so I used the stripe around three of the panels and the small dots around the other two. Then I backed all five with the small dots. I had enough of the larger dots/squares to make two pillows using it front and back.

I can't wait to take these to school when we go back after break and see how they look. I forgot to measure the space across the window, so I'm not sure I have enough to fill the space across, but it should be close. I have some scraps left, so might make one more pillow out of those scraps.

I also finished the Lotus top yesterday. I need to take some pictures, so more on that later. I got a back for it and want to try to get started on quilting it today. It is lap size so shouldn't take long.

I am going to my hometown tomorrow to sew with my mom and sisters, so might have to go somewhere later and pick out the borders for my daughter's quilt. Then I could get it finished. I love having days to just sew!.


JustCindy said...

I love the pillows! Can't wait to see them in their new home.

Julianne said...

Those pillows will be perfect in your new space. You always pick the perfect things..