Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take a tour....there's no place like home....

Moving day seemed to go really well. They bused the younger kids over in the morning, and the older kids in the afternoon, and had sing-alongs and parties going on at the building for the kids that weren't at the newly renovated building. So it was a fun day for the kids. They had their own supplies in paper bags, and carried them over on the bus. So they were able to go to their own rooms and unpack their supplies themselves. Then they toured the building. 
As each group came through the media center I gave them a tour around, ending at the window seating, where I took each class's picture.  Our moving back theme is There's No Place Like Home, so I borrowed some of the Wizard of Oz fabrics from my sis in law (she has collected most of them!) and did a bit of decorating. 
Oops! Guess the witch really is dead! Some of the kids asked if they could see her head!
 I used some books I have, plus borrowed some from other libraries to make some displays.
 I love this seating area, and most groups sat down here to try it out!
 I need to get some baskets so I can unpack these boxes and put the books in them.

I am really glad that I had time to pack and unpack the library...the kids were really excited to see the huge space and it made it so much better to see it filled with books! 

After their time was done, they took their bags and boarded the bus back to our temporary building. 

I am not completely unpacked and have no computers as yet, but as long as I get a computer by then, I will be able to open on the first day back to school after the winter break. The rest will get finished as I have time. 


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Wow! Packing, unpacking and decorating. You did a great job!