Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A really, really old ufo

 I started this quilt a long time ago, as is evident by the fabric I used. I started to make one just like this, and ended up giving it to a friend who was retiring. So I started another one for myself. It's not that big, about 27" sq. so the piecing didn't take that long, but I had hand quilted the other one, so I wanted to hand quilt mine too. You can see I got the center almost half quilted...then it ended up abandoned. Not sure why I never got back to it. I eventually stored it in a tub with some fabric.    
 When I was going through some project leftover fabrics and sorting them into tubs, I decided I should finish up some partially sewn models. When I teach a class I make a model to hang at the store so people know  what the class quilt looks like. Then I make up some demo props that show how to make it, or one or more of the steps. Sometimes I make up something else with a variation of the pattern, or the leftover cuts from the original quilt. Some of them will never be made into quilts, but some of them are small versions, so I could finish them and make a runner, or a pillow or something.
 So that's what prompted me to get out this small quilt to see how far I had gotten before I put it away and to decide if I should finish it. I don't really like the fabrics anymore, so I'm not sure if I want to spend the time to finish it. I could probably finish quilting it by machine, but not sure I want to do that either. But I hate to just throw it away. Do you have any old projects laying around like this? What would you do?


Yvonne said...

Hi Jean,
Your little quilt would be perfect size for a baby in the NICU
Neonatal intensive care unit if your local hospital has one. You could finish it with machine quilting and donate it. The nurses love to decorate the babies beds with colorful quilts.
I am a NICU nurse:)

Sharon said...

Tough question! I like Yvonne's answer. A very sweet suggestion and answer to your dilemma.

p.s. I have some old pieces like that hanging around too.