Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hmmm, did I make this for you?

 I came home from class last night and found Smokey looking very comfy on this quilt. I finished the quilting and got it bound yesterday.  It's not very big, about 40" x 48", so it didn't take long. I folded it up and set it on my machine before I left.....and you can figure out the rest.

I made this Corner the Stringpiecing Market quilt a few years ago as a model for a class I taught. I have the very same size and type made using fabric strips/strings. I don't always have time to quilt models before hanging them on display for class, and once the class is over, I move on to more pressing things, so they never got quilted. 
Since it was made with selvages, I sewed the borders together with selvages showing as well. I have one more quilt that I want to quilt before the quilt show to use at my table for the demonstration, just to show different types of string piecing. 

 They always look so much prettier when they are quilted, don't they?

I'm doing a little shop hopping tomorrow with friends. I will try to remember to take some pictures to share!


Karen said...

I love the string quilts made from salvages. I just never think to save them.

Fiesta said...

I still use the one I learned to make from you and yes, he thinks u made it for him

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice quilt. No wonder Smokey claimed it. Hey Smokey, when you are thru with it, send it my way, please.