Friday, June 21, 2013

Omaha Quilt Guild Show

One of the fun quilting events in our area is the Omaha Quilt Guild Show which is going on this weekend. Some friends and I went to the opening last night and spent some quality time oohing and ahhing over some very pretty quilts. This one, called Happy As a Clam, uses a log cabin block that has thinner strips on two of the sides. Each clamshell is made up of the "corners" of four different log cabin blocks, two with the wider strips on top and two with the narrower strips on the bottom. I have seen these types of blocks before, but never done in this arrangement. Very pretty. You can click on the picture to see more detail. This quilter evidently envisioned them as trees, so she quilted a trunk and branches on each clamshell. It was very pretty.
  I saw it in this vendor's booth too, so it must be an available pattern, though I couldn't find it online. It must be in a book.
I loved the brightness and freshness of this quilt.
These are some teeny tiny nine patches....1 1/2" blocks set on point. We were in awe. I don't think something this small is in my future, though I have to admit I'm tempted to make a few....
Don't worry, she isn't touching. I just asked her to hold up her hand to see the size better.
These fun flags were made for a quilts of valor event. The weren't bound, but finished with a satin stitched edge.
I loved the quilting on this one. I wish I were this talented! It's an art all by itself.
 Pretty feathers closeup.
This was a fun flowery quilt that is much prettier in person. My picture doesn't do it justice.
This quilter took her son's handprint every year. Then, when he was grown up, she traced those handprints and made appliques of the hand. She used some interesting fabrics from clothes he had worn for the hands
Of course, I love circles.
This quilt used small blocks on point and was very pretty. I don't make miniatures because most of what I design and make is for classes I teach and people don't seem to be as interested in making them. But they are so much fun to look at.
We saw our favorite quilt shop owners too, Becky and Kim from Cut Up and Quilt. They were wearing their fun, new Quilt! shirts. Truthfully, they were pretty tired from setting up their booth, but you couldn't tell it from these smiles!
This is their first quilt show...doesn't their booth look awesome!
I saw a Circle and Spin quilt at the show that a student had made in one of my classes from my pattern, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I got distracted by the pretties around me. I took lots more pictures, so will share some more tomorrow.

I am heading to Earling to see my parents today. I haven't been up there for a few weeks, so it will be fun to road trip and visit. 


Karen said...

Thanks for the tease, I'm excited to head out on Saturday to see the show myself. Have fun in Earling!

Kerstin said...

great pictures. so far away. you are all very lucky to have those so close by.

Barb said...

WOW....just amazes me at how much talent is in this world.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lovely quilts!

CeLynn said...

These are stunning quilts,thanks for sharing!