Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rivers Edge Park

We have a new park in Council  Bluffs, right by the Missouri River. They have been planning this park for several years, and it was scheduled to be built and opened way before this, but then in 2011 the Missouri River flooded and this area was under water. So it was put on hold until the flood danger was over and they could begin work on it. This picture shows the Great Lawn part of the park, where they can hold concerts and other large group activities. 
This park was built on the west side of the levee that was paved many years ago and is used as a walking and biking trail. (I have spent many hours on this trail!) As you enter the park from the east, you walk over the levee and down some steps. You can see they have built some seating right into the west side of the levee. 

 We are right across the river from Omaha, Ne...that is the Omaha skyline in the distance. Back in 2008  a walking bridge was built across the river in cooperation with both cities to join their riverfront development with ours. I took these pix one of the first times I walked over it.

 It's really a work of art, and is used by walkers and bikers every day. There are walking paths on both sides of the river, so people from both cities can stroll to their hearts content.

 This is the Omaha side, it is more developed now than it was back then. They have a sea of tall waving lights in that "dirt" area that is really pretty at night.
So finally, on Memorial weekend, the Rivers Edge Park was opened with lots of different activities. There were concerts, the Beach Boys (17,000 came!) being the most famous to play there so far, and a food truck night. My daughters and I went down for the food truck event, there were also blues and jazz bands playing. 
The Lawn is flanked by 2 smaller areas that have newly planted trees and grass.  This is one of those areas. The food trucks were just beyond this area. 

We walked down to the rivers edge to see what had changed there, and really nothing has. They have left it with its normal bank for now. That is the I80 bridge to Omaha on the left of the picture. 
You can see the walking bridge in the distance on this picture. It's exciting to have such a pretty place to go to for events and just to hang out if you want to.

This is the grandstand that was sent up for the bands and other events for the grand opening. The sound system was very good, we could hear even when sitting on the "step seating" to the east.

There are plans to build a shopping/restaurant area to the east of the park, so the area is still growing. There will also be picnic areas and trails going north along the river between the river and the levee. It will be fun to watch it happen!

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ga447 said...

Photo is great - I love the bridge, see you at the Quilt Fest.