Monday, July 22, 2013

A leaky letter...

 I wanted to try a different way of making a capital Q last week while making letters, so I made an O and then slashed it and inserted a "stick". As you can see, I didn't think it through, so I have a leak. It still looks like a Q but I decided to try again.
This one is much better, and bigger, which it needs to be. 

 I had a phrase I was working on, but it was going to turn out larger than I want it to be, so I changed it. Now I won't be using this g, which is too bad because I really like it. I will save it for another project, or maybe the back...what could I spell on the back with a g?
 I spent a lot of the day yesterday on the computer writing a pattern and working on a design. I have a shelf over the printer so that the cats don't lay on it. For some reason they both like to lay up there. Conrad comes running whenever I print...he used to try to grab the paper, but he is getting better about just watching now, when I am there. If I wasn't, He would probably try.

I want to get Wendy's quilt top loaded on the frame today and start the quilting. I'm excited to get it finished!

1 comment:

Chris H said...

I love the shelf idea!
You do so well with your letters.
I do them using applique, so much easier!