Friday, July 5, 2013

A little cube quilt and a trio.....

I made this little trio of asian quilts about 5 years ago. I made three separate pieces, the idea being that I would hang them together, but they wouldn't be joined. I planned on hand quilting them and embellishing them with beads. As you can see, that hasn't happened, so they were next on the 'finish it or dump it' pile. I sewed them together with strips in between so that it would be easier to load on the quilt machine. They really aren't very big. Then I sewed the little 3D Tumbling Blocks quilt that I finished the other day to it with a strip in between. I didn't have a backing fabric big enough for both that I liked, so I pieced two backs together too.
By now you're thinking, what is she doing again? I forgot to take a picture of the 2 quilts sewn together...the trio was smaller so I had to add a piece on the end so they were the same length. I figured if I connected them I could quilt both at the same time. (Of course, doing all that piecing together might've taken some time too....)

Here they are as I'm loading them, you can see the asian trio is to the left, the tumbling blocks to the right.
I was trying to use up smaller pieces of batting that were left over too, so ended up using 2 different pieces, the one on the left is cotton, the one on the right is poly.
It's almost finished, the dark green with leaves is the dummy fabric I put on the end. This is working well as far as quilting it goes, I just feel sad that I am quilting right over those faces. I still might try to do some hand work on them, but finished is better than it sitting around gathering dust, right?

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