Friday, July 26, 2013

An oldie, but a goodie....

A friend gave Dianne some log cabin blocks that were given to her to finish by another friend. The quilter  had originally given them away because she grew tired of the project and didn't want to finish it. She didn't want it back, just wanted the quilt finished after she had done so much work. The bundle included the pattern, strips and a lot of finished and unfinished blocks. We guesstimate that it was started in the early 90s because of the fabric choices. Her seams were impeccable and everything pressed well!  So Dianne set to work choosing a layout. After we counted the the blocks and organized them by types and colors, we determined that there were still blocks that hadn't been made, and blocks that weren't completely finished. She decided to finish some of the blocks that were started and go from there. She got this much sewn together on Tuesday. She still has some pink blocks that need one more strip so she is going to finish those next for a top and bottom border.

It would be fun to know who the original quilter was, but there is no name on the bundle, and the original giftee didn't really know the lady, just worked at a shop where she shopped. So I guess it will remain a mystery.


Kerstin said...

but what a beauty.
It looks hughe. well done.
May be the person is a blogger and will see the Quilt. who knows everything is possible.

Chris H said...

Wow that is a huge quilt! And very lovely too... well worth getting it finished.