Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!

 I spent part of Sunday working on paperwork for classes, and the rest of it house hunting and shopping with my daughter. I also got the string pieced quilt bound...I love a finish! I will be teaching this class in the fall.
 I am teaching two more sessions of the PJ Pants class this week, one today and one on Wednesday, then Kids Camp 2013 is officially over. Today I have five girls from the same 4H group, so they are all friends. I don't know how much experience they have, but one of the moms is going to stay, so that should help. Sometimes they just need help with the machine issues...threading, bobbin winding...or pinning, so it's nice to have another set of hands! I mark their machines with tape to help them sew the correct seam allowance. It is hard for them to hold it straight. Luckily, pj pants are pretty forgiving since you want the fit to be comfy.

I have already been thinking about more kids classes. If you know of a good craft or sewing project for kids, please let me know. I would love some new ideas!
 I have another quilt I need to get bound this week, plus get back to making letters. That's probably what I will do tomorrow during Tuesday Sewing Day.
What are you working on today?


Mechelle said...

Great string quilt, love how the center string makes such a nice "sashing"

Kerstin said...

great quilt. I like that the border fabric runs in the quilt also.

Chris H said...

Good morning Jean.
I think a good project for kids is a little wall hanging using applique.
Give them a few different 'pictures' to choose from and see how it goes?

I think it would be nice if they could applique their names even?

I love applique!

It's ages since I did a complicated block, I miss that. Far too many projects on the 'go' though, so I better not start anything else.

I LOVE that string quilt.

House hunting??? OOOO how exciting.