Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I think, I hope, I think it's fixed!

I spent the day yesterday sewing with friends, so when I got home I was anxious to try to fix the tension spring on my quilting machine. The next step to fixing the spring was to unscrew that little screw on the left so that the two pieces could come apart. The spring is in the back half of the tension knob. 

It didn't want to pop apart at first, but I eventually got it apart. The old spring was easy to get out, and I worked the new spring into the space.
Perfect! I put it back together, following the directions they had sent me and reinserted it in the machine at the right angle (I hope!)

I rethreaded, practiced-stitched and adjusted a few times until I got it sewing well.
I hope to get some quilting time on my daughter's quilt later, but I have some painting to do first! The sun is shining and I need to get back at it. I have the second coat of primer to put on the rest of the porch and then get out the taller ladder so I can scrape and paint the trim board above the windows.


Kerstin said...

have fun quilting.

Karen said...

Looking good! Hope you have happy quilting now.

Barb said...

I am impressed.....happy sewing!