Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Asian Trio and the 3D Cubes, continued....

 I finished quilting the asian trio and the cubes quilt yesterday. This is a better picture of how I joined them to quilt them at the same time. I had the face panels, but purchased the other fabrics on a trip to visit my daughter in Seattle. I wanted to make something to hang on a wall together, but not in one piece.
I planned on hand quilting it and adding beading, but that hasn't happened in the 5 years since I started it, so I decided to finish it with all over quilting. I might still add some beads.
 The little 3D cube quilt was a model (in strips) for a class I taught.
 Here is the back. I like using up pieces of fabric and batting for backs when I can. The plaid is on the back of the cubes and the batik is on the back of the asian trio.

It was pretty easy to cut these apart, though I was checking twice to make sure they were straight. It would be very noticable if they were off and sometimes there is a little distortion from the quilting.
 These pieces are ready to bind. I need to find some black around here...I know I have some somewhere...
 If I would've had more of the fabric I used around the edges, I would've bound with that. But I used it all on of it on this, so I decided on a yellow binding to bring out the brighter colors. I added a sleeve on the back while I bound it and it is ready to hang!
I spent the rest of yesterday sewing string blocks and have them sewn into rows, so I will have a quilt soon! I have to do some pattern writing this morning, so maybe I'll sew after that.


Karen said...

What a great idea to quilt the smaller quilts at the same time! Love your little Asian quilts. And the yellow binding really sets off your 3D cubes. Have fun!

Patty said...

I love that idea for quilting it. I was wondering what you were doing with those pieces all sewen togehter!