Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday sewing fun

I spent a lot of time working on the new free pieced letter quilt on Tuesday when I sewed with the ladies. It takes some figuring and additions of background fabric to get the words lined up how you want them. And straight. After I got it to this point, I carefully lined it up on a big cutting mat so I could make sure that it was straight and had corners that were right angles.
After I added a border, I wanted to take a final picture....hmmmm...funny, funny Diana!
Second try!
Third try...I got her, so that was a success!
It's ready to quilt.

Diana is almost finished with her Wonky Stars quilt. She is adding a piano key border, with stars in the corners.

I also taught the first session of a new sampler group that night. Barb brought her finished Snake Dance quilt top to show off. It is so pretty made out of these soft prints. I love it!

I started scraping the trim on the outside of the house yesterday. I got one side scraped as far as I can reach on a 6 ft. ladder. I started priming some of it later in the day. The weather has cooled off a bit here and it was really pretty nice to be outside. Today I am going to finish priming the rest of what I scraped yesterday, so not sure if I will get any sewing done. I am also going to my stitching group tonight... I have a little surprise challenge for them. Happy Thursday!


Barb said...

What fun!!!! love the letters...

ga447 said...

You have lots of patience and now scraping and painting. Love all the quilts.

Kerstin said...

lovely quilts. thanks for sharing.
I love the star quilt and the fabric choice on the snake dance mystery.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love your sign. Cute! The ladies did nice jobs on their quilts, too.

Sharon said...

Great sign for the quilt shop! I love it!