Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cutting it pretty close.....but it's finished!

I have a really hard time judging how much thread I will use when quilting a quilt. Wendy's quilt is about 100" x 108. so I knew it would take a lot. I wanted to use this variegated teal because there were lots of blues, greens and teals in the quilt, plus the background had some running through it. I thought there was probably enough, but knew I could order some if I needed to. This is what was left on the spool when I finished! 
It's hard to tell how much is left on these bobbins, but it's not a lot. Quilting across the row took most of a bobbin, so most of the time I put in a new bobbin at the end of each row. I think I used about 20 bobbins for this quilt. 
I sewed the binding and the label on it today so it's officially finished, though I don't have any finished pictures yet. It's too big to hang in my doorway, so I need some "holders". I used the purple backing fabric for the binding.

 Hopefully you can see the teal thread if you click on one of these pictures to enlarge it.

 I spent some time last night organizing my projects for my upcoming retreat. We leave Thursday morning and will stay until Sunday. We are going to Quilter's Cottage near Woodbine, so it's not too far to drive. I am excited to get away with friends and spend the whole time painting!


Susan said...


I hate running out of bobbin thread half way through a row, so I do the same as you. How do you use up your bobbin ends?

Kerstin said...

a wonderful quilting job. the quilt looks stunning.

Karen said...

Beautiful! And so glad it worked out thread wise. The Quilter's Cottage, is that where you went this Spring? (I was going to say have fun, but that's kind of redundant considering your going on a quilt retreat.)

ga447 said...

I love the thread color. You did it.