Monday, August 5, 2013

Farmer's Market

 My daughter and I went to the Farmer's Market in Aksarben Village yesterday. It was huge! Almost a party atmosphere. Lots of fresh veggies, Greek pastries, fresh bread and people out having a good time on such a beautiful day!

 There were street performers too...some playing instruments and others dancing. It was fun to watch them.
I still don't have any ripe tomatoes, except for the bitty ones, so I bought a couple of them and some corn. Have to have some fresh corn on the cob!

When I got home I quilted on Wendy's quilt for awhile, the machine is still working great...that's a relief! It is over half way quilted now. Then I worked on some pillows to match the quilt. More on them later, no pix yet.  I hope to get some more quilting done today. I'm debating about scraping a new area and doing a little more painting too, have to figure out if my ladders will reach where I want to go next.


Kerstin said...

looks like a wonderful day.
no ripe tomatoes on this side of the pond either.

gee, with all the painting you been doing, how can be anything left to paint.

Karen said...

Enjoy the fresh produce! We make a meal of tomatoes and corn on the cob. Super simple and simply wonderful!

Hope you get finished with your house soon.

ga447 said...

I haven't been to that Farmer's Market it sounds like fun. I have gone to Village Point (live close by).