Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tuesday Sewing Club

After all the days of painting, it was fun to spend the day sewing with the Tuesday Sewing Club. I didn't get pictures of everyone's projects, but here are a few....Diana finished her Wonky Stars quilt.
I had a couple of class models to hang for upcoming classes, then I was ready to sew! Pat was working on a rail fence quilt and Brenda finished another "Mario" block.
I worked on a new project from a Kaffe Fassett book, Bicycle Wheel. I cut all of the rim sections and started paperpiecing them. I got 2 "wheel rims" finished.
I also finished the Conrad sign. I am going to mount it on a canvas frame, so it will need another row of something around the edge to staple onto the frame, but I'm waiting until I have the frame put together to make sure I put a wide enough strip on it. The craft store was out of one of the sizes of side bars I need for the frame, so until I get it, this project is on hold!
I have my dentist checkup this morning, then it's back to painting. I got most of the trim board above the windows scraped yesterday, so need to finish priming what I scraped and then finish scraping the rest.  I am using a taller ladder and found some muscles that I hadn't used up to now!

 In the midst of moving the ladder around the house, I had to stop and trim a bush so I could get closer to the house to work. It's always something, isn't it?

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Karen said...

Love your Conrad sign. Is it going in your quilt room? The Bicycle Wheel quilt is going to be so neat. I'm waiting to see more of that!

Wonderful work, ladies, on all your projects.