Sunday, January 19, 2014

Color, color everywhere!

Yesterday was the Colorwheel Stash they are getting started after sorting through their squares. We all  brought our extra squares so we could share, so as they worked at blending their colors, they were going back and forth to check what was available and what would work for each of them.
It took awhile to get the hang of it, but they quickly started designing!

Kelli is getting close! 

I played in the green squares to make a small sample to demonstrate how to label and sew them together in a grid.

After much rearranging and help from each other, they are all labeled and ready to sew together.

They loved this technique, and were surprised how quickly the squares were sewn together vertically using this method.

Now to finish!

Kelli played with some border ideas.

Lora with her colorful colorwheel!

I thought I took a picture of Dianne with her quilt, but it's not there, so not sure what happened.
Something interesting happened to her quilt as she sewed it together. See if you can figure out what happened.

Before sewing

After sewing together. 

Dorothy had the largest project and was well on her way to finishing the horizontal rows at the end of class. Sewing them this way makes it so easy to take home to finish!
They really seemed to enjoy the process  and we talked a lot about color, design and art quilts. We are going to meet again next month to see how they have progressed with them and try out some other ideas.

Here is my little green demo, ready to be part of a larger project! Since I didn't get much quilting done this week, the tessie quilt is first up today. I hope to get it finished!


Mrs Knitaddict said...

Jean and all the magic of your Patchwork and the ones from your friends! Each time I come to visit you I go very inspired.

Barb said...

What fun!

Rachel said...

Beautiful projects, and I love you are teaching an art concept along the way. Jean, your classes are top notch!!